F10 Fe:maleOneZero is proud to present in cooperation with their presenting partner Capgemini Invent the line-up for the very first edition of “40 over 40 – The World’s Most Inspiring Women” #FoFi22.
Caroline Farberger, CEO ICA Försäkring AB – The Transformer

Caroline’s inspirational story begins in 1967 when she was born as a boy named Carl. She would spend the first 50 years of her life living as a man. With dual university degrees in electrical engineering and business administration, a distinguished military service ranking as #1 in cadet school, a stellar career, and a beautiful family, some would say Caroline had it all. Then one day in 2018, she simply told her coworkers that the next day she would be changing her name and gender. In Sweden, and most places around the world, undergoing a public gender transition while serving as CEO isn’t something that happens every day. Still happily married to her wife and father to their three children, Caroline has written about her transformational journey in her book Jag, Caroline, yrkeskvinna och familjefar (I, Caroline: Businesswoman and Family Father). “My insights from comparing living as a man and living as a woman is that we still have a very long way to go,” she states. With new perceptions on gender matters and a fresh approach to leadership style, in the spring of 2022, Caroline will join the investment company Wellstreet as Partner and Working chairwoman.

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