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Caroline’s history is not just about her own personal growth and achievements; it represents a significant step forward in breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity in leadership. She makes us reflect on the importance of embracing diversity and creating an environment where every individual can thrive, regardless of their background or identity. She lifts the importance of building trust and fostering genuine connections within our organizations and inspires us all to create a more diverse, equitable business landscape and the importance of continuing to champion inclusivity and authenticity in our own leadership roles.


Speaking topics for your organization:

• Value of authenticity and being your full self at work.

• Understanding of biases, norms and privileges in the workplace

• Business benefit of inclusive leadership and full understanding of Diversity & Inclusion with an emphasis on inclusive leadership

We were honoured that Caroline chose to share her story with us. We believe it is through brave stories like hers that we can better understand what inclusivity really means, and how we can develop as a company and as leaders. After all, we understand we are all on a development journey. Caroline’s uniqueness and honesty were deeply respected. As a seasoned finance professional, she can easily relate to our world and was able to bring up many interesting and relevant questions and thoughts.”

– Pia Kåll, CEO
CapMan, Finland

It was a privilege to have Caroline join us as a keynote speaker at our annual Risk Advisory kick-off. Her insights on diversity and inclusion as well the importance of having the courage to be one’s true self served as a genuine inspiration to all attendees. Her thorough preparation and willingness to understand our department’s values and future ambitions ensured a tailored experience. Her expertise , unique point of view, passion and ability to connect with the audience make her a standout speaker and we will welcome her back anytime.”

– Tinnamaria Marlou Larsson-Bertelsen, Managing Partner

Risk Advisory, Deloitte Denmark

Thank you Caroline! Your keynote at the Hempel Leadership Summit 2023 will forever be a landmark in our DEI journey.”

Michael Hansen Group President & CEO


Caroline’s keynote speech at BMW Group was powerful, touching and inspiring. Her ability to connect with the audience was truly remarkable. After her speech we received a lot of positive feedback from our employees and we will continue the important work of inclusion. Thank you Caroline for sharing your knowledge with us!”

–Johanna Kriisa, CEO Nordics
BMW Group

Your inspiring talk has echoed through our organization and accelerated our conversations about inclusion and diversity. Thank you for leading the way.”

– Lena Kjær, HR Director
Ramboll Denmark




With her very personal and authentic keynote, Caroline inspired and engaged with our global HR community. Her personal experiences gave us extraordinary insights into what inclusive leadership and listening to others really means.”

– Sylvie Nicol, EVP HR, Henkel AG

Caroline Farberger’s story, published in book form in Swedish, is about risking everything to live as one truly is — acknowledging how high the price can be and why it is still worth it. On the other side, Caroline discovered a deeper understanding of both herself and the power structures that shape our lives and our business world.