“My mission is to create more competitive, inclusive and sustainable businesses”

My mission is to create more competitive, inclusive and sustainable businesses.

A future welfare society that is equal and sustainable is closely linked to the future competitiveness of business”

Having spent a total of 25 years in the financial industry and now is the first senior business leader in the Nordics to speak openly about her gender transition, Caroline has become an advocate and ambassador for diversity and inclusive leadership

Caroline Farberger’s deeply personal talk at our event for executives was thought-provoking. Without being accusatory she confronts you with your own biases. Simply by sharing her unique view on how she experienced business life as a male and as a female CEO. From the immediate reactions of the audience during the talk as well as from the feedback afterwards you can see that her words induce change. One of the most valuable outcomes a presentation can have.”

–Birgit Bohle, HR Director
Deutsche Telekom, Germany


Caroline is sharing a deeply personal and groundbreaking story. Her courage and transparency serve as an inspiration to us all, and Caroline’s willingness to share her experiences is a testament to her dedication to creating positive change in the corporate world.

Caroline Farberger’s profile

Caroline is a Board Executive of several leading financial institutions and an active Investor in the PE and VC arena.

As keynote speaker and executive team coach, Caroline helps organizations to unlock their full potential through understanding the value of inclusive leadership.

Caroline possesses an exclusive personal story having been a corporate CEO of a prominent insurer both as a man and a woman, and she shares remarkable insights on inclusion based on her unique experience.

Since 2022 Caroline has served as a G7 Advisor on gender equality.

Caroline Farberger’s story, published in book form in Swedish, is about risking everything to live as one truly is — acknowledging how high the price can be and why it is still worth it. On the other side, Caroline discovered a deeper understanding of both herself and the power structures that shape our lives and our business world.

Caroline has contributed in many newspapers, magazines, podcasts and TV shows. Here are a selection of press appearances.