On picture: President Biden, President Macron, Prof. Jutta Allmendinger

Caroline Farberger has been invited by the German chancellor Olaf Scholz to be one of 19 members of this year’s G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC).

At the recent G7 summit in June, the GEAC Chairperson Prof. Jutta Allmendinger met with the G7 leaders to discuss the agenda for gender equality and how to empower women.

GEAC has formulated priority areas to work on, and Caroline will together with three other GEAC members, Chiara Corazza, Alexis Ohanian Sr., and Chetna Gala Sinha, focus on the area of promotion of more equal investments and ownership for women.

GEAC’s agenda was endorsed by all leaders of G7 & Senegal, Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, India at the recent summit. At a meeting in fall, GEAC will present their recommendations.

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