About Caroline Farberger

  • Experienced CEO and entrepreneur
  • Board professional
  • Tech investor
  • Public speaker
  • Author

Caroline is a professional chairperson and board member, Tech Investor, experienced CEO, keynote speaker and author. Up until 2022, she was CEO of the Swedish insurer ICA Insurance, having spent a total of 25 years in the financial industry on several senior management positions. In addition to her line management experience, Caroline has also been a dot-com entrepreneur and consultant with McKinsey.

Caroline is the first senior business leader in the Nordics to speak openly about her gender transition, having formerly lived as Carl Farberger. Consequently, Caroline has become an advocate and ambassador for diversity and inclusive leadership.

Selected awards:

Caroline received the LGBTQ Person of the Year Award from the hands of the Speaker of the Swedish parliament at the QX Gala in 2019.

In May 2022, Caroline received the Womenomics Leadership Award from the hands of HRH Crown Princess Mary, being honoured as an accomplished CEO and transgender role model, using her platform and personal story to challenge corporate gender biases.

Caroline Farberger was named the 2022 winner of the Kerstin Hesselgren award. The prize is awarded annually by Sweden’s HR Association to a role model who, with a long-term commitment, focuses on equality and humanity in our workplaces and in our society. The decisions and actions of the laureate, or laureates, are characterized by civil courage, bravery, and outspokenness.

Caroline and HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, May 17, 2022